A nation of brother(sister)hood

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April 16, 2017

A nation of brother(sister)hood



Khateeb: Sh. Riyadh Walls. | Date: 17 March 2017 | Recap by: Nasreen Salie
Masjid: Darun Naim, Castletown Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Sheikh Walls narrates the ayah from Surah Hud (v.117):

“Your Lord will not destroy a nation with oppression as long as the inhabitants are engaging in reformation”

He notes that this includes self-reformation, as “Indeed he is lost whose tomorrow is not better than their today”. Constantly striving to be better than we are is exhausting and often seems like an uphill battle but at the end of the day, it gives us peace with the knowledge that Allah will protect us, guide us and he will not allow us to be destroyed with oppression.IMG-20170324-WA0007

And more than that, we need to reform as a community, society, brotherhood. We do this via mutual reformation. Reformation of brotherly and sisterly ties. It is vital that mutual reformation takes place if want to receive the mercy of Allah. Treating each other unjustly would only result in us being cut off from Allah’s mercy.

“It is our duty as an ummah to make sure that we enjoy the best of relations with one another.”

The bond of brotherhood is not be taken lightly, it is greater than even the ties of blood. Which is in itself an intensely powerful statement, especially with the knowledge of just how important the ties of blood is within Islam. Sheikh even goes on to remind us that whilst our family members have rights over us, the muslim ummah has rights that not even our family members have. The ties of brotherhood are so important, that translation of verses in the Holy Quran narrates:

“If there be two parties from amongst the believers that are fighting with each other, that are hating one another, that are showing enmity to one another, then reconcile between them. And if the one continues in their enmity, then all of you together work on that particular party until they come back to the command of Allah. And if they return, then reconcile between the two parties and be fair. Indeed Allah loves those who are fair. The believers are one brotherhood.”

IMG-20170324-WA0001We have to be persistent in our fight for our muslim brothers and sisters, and it has to be together. It is easy to forget, but we are not just a nation. We are not just a brotherhood. We are the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad (saw). That bond and connection is special.

This immense bond immediately gets rid of tribalism, nationalism and racism. It is supposed to. It has to. And if it doesn’t, then we are only left with one question:

What type of a muslim am I?

If we are allowing these ‘–isms’ to affect the way we deal with our brothers and sisters, then others (especially those with enmity towards us) will use this against us; divide and conquer. Let us not divide ourselves. “Indeed the most honoured of you in the eyes of Allah, is the one who has taqwah.” Allah does not discriminate or marginalise based on tribe, nation nor race. “Mankind in their make-up they are all the same. Their father is Adam and their mother is Gouwa. Anything that they can be proud about as to where they come from is mud and water.”

“The variety in creation points to the oneness of the creator!” We should marvel and celebrate, not dislike and discriminate.

“The believers are nought save one brotherhood. So reform the relationships and shield yourself from the displeasure of Allah.”IMG-20170324-WA0004

He (S. Walls) brings to focus the urgent need for our unity. And it starts with how we interact with one another every day. We need to truly love one another. And really, love is only for the sake of Allah.

Treat each other kindly and justly, forgive, don’t hold grudges, do not envy. We are a brotherhood. “It is enough to make a person evil for them to belittle their brother or sister in Islam.

We are a single brotherhood.

“As long as he is fulfilling the need of his brother or sister in Islam, Allah is fulfilling his need. And if he relieves a difficulty from another muslim on the dunya, Allah will relieve a difficulty from him on the Day of Judgement. And whoever covers up the wrong of a believer, Allah will cover up for him on the dunya and on the Day of Judgement.”

BE TRUE BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The true brother is the one that is always there for you. He will even harm himself to benefit you. And he is the one who if the difficult times break you apart, he will literally break himself apart to be like the glue that holds you together.”

It is time for us to be true brothers and sisters of each other. It is time for us to be a true nation, brotherhood, sisterhood, ummah of Nabi Muhammad (saw).


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