Dissemination of Information

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April 16, 2017
A Summary of Allah’s Guidance
July 14, 2017

Dissemination of Information

Khateeb:  Ml Muaadth Allie | Date: 30 June 2017

Recap by: Insaaf Sambo | Masjid: Darun Naim, Castletown Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Moulana Muaadth starts off the khutbah by taking us back to the time when mothers would bake cake to keep aside for visitors and children would be excited to receive these guests into their homes because they know that mommy will finally cut the cake and they’ll each get a slice. Nowadays, we hide when a knock comes at the door because we dread having guests over as this will cut into our entertainment time, into our screen time, into our connection with our devices time yet we don’t see the huge disconnection in our relationships with one another and especially in our relationship with Allah.

Moulana says “the devotion we give our cellphones, had we to give that devotion to the Quran, our Jannah would be made”

The khutbah was focused on a special aspect of social media and that is the Dissemination of Information. Moulana focuses on the messages that we are passing around on whatsapp. When last did we verify a message we’ve received instead of just adding “forwarded as received” to it and just forwarding it anyway. Yes some of these messages are harmless, but it is still classified as a waste of time and these things are turning us away from the dhikr of Allah. We might not even see the harm until the day of Qiyaamah. The Prophet SAW has said that many people will be going to Jahannam because of their tongues.

Sahl bin Sa’d (RA) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Whosoever gives me a guarantee to safeguard what is between his jaws and what is between his legs, I shall guarantee him Jannah.”


And what is between the jaws? The tongue! The tongue is not just what you say, but it is now every character of your facebook post, every comment on someone’s instragram picture, every whatsapp message that you typed or just copied and pasted. Nowadays everything happens so fast, our fingers can barely keep up. We don’t even have time to deliberate the consquences of this information.

Ml asks about the use of the cellphone, “is it bringing us closer to Allah? Are we earning our Jannah?

Did you check whether it’s the truth or just pass the baton? We easily pass on unauthentic and sometimes even fabricated hadith which could serve as encouragement, but there are many authentic hadith that we can use if we only but search and research. Ml states that everything that is false is never entirely harmless.

Be careful about lying against the Prophet SAW, saying he said things which he didn’t for the Prophet SAW says “Whoever lies upon me intentionally, then let him take his seat in the Fire”.  This is serious because when you lie against the Messenger of Allah then you change Deen.

Even if you didn’t make up the lie, please don’t be the one to spread the lie. If you receive something and you are not confident that it is the truth then rather don’t speak it for the Prophet SAW says in another narration ‘It is enough of a lie for a man that he narrates everything he hears’


Moulana Muaadth then goes into serious things that are making the rounds on Whatsapp and says his son received a message that said, ‘I want you to send Laa ilaaha ilallah muhammadur rasulullah to 10 people. Let’s see if you have time for Allah’. He emphasizes that this is just a bad innovation because people are now too busy sending messages to actually say ‘laa ilaaha ilallah muhammadur rasulullah’. Ml doesn’t deny that whatsapp can be of benefit and says we should rather send a messages saying, “say laa ilaaha ilallah” or “recite the last 2 verses of surah Baqarah” as mentioned in authentic ahadith.

Allah knows best.

There are laws to speaking whether face to face, audio, in writing or in typing. A simple hadith to govern your tongue by is that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.”


Moulana says “For it to be good speech, it must be the truth. Do not speak anything, but that it is the truth. And for it to be good, it must be beneficial. It must build and it must not break!”

The Ulema warn “be careful who you take your Deen from”.  Our Deen is our religion, our success in the Hereafter yet we are just okay with taking our Deen from whatsapp. No verification. No chain of authority. And Allah mentions the following verse in the Holy Quran:

“And when there comes to them information about [public] security or fear, they spread it around. But if they had referred it back to the Messenger or to those of authority among them, then the ones who [can] draw correct conclusions from it would have known about it. And if not for the favor of Allah upon you and His mercy, you would have followed Satan, except for a few.” [Surah Nisaa : 83]

This is a rebuke from Allah to those who hasten to spread information without checking first. This is an important matter and the fact that Allah speaks about this in Quran should be an eye opener for us. When Umar ibn Khattab RA heard the news that the Prophet SAW had divorced his wives he didn’t just accept it, he went to the masjid and asked Sahabah and even when they said it is true he went to the source and went looking for Rasulullah SAW to ask him SAW.

Moulana Muaadth ends his khutbah by saying, “my brothers, it is better for you to speak little”

Keep spreading the love.  Keep spreading the light.  Keep spreading the truth.  “Be the Umar of your time, go to the source of the news”.

May Allah protect us, Ameen.

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