Al Jabbar – The Mender of hearts and all things

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November 3, 2017
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October 26, 2018

Al Jabbar – The Mender of hearts and all things

Al Jabbar – The Mender of hearts and all things


The root letters ja-ba-ra will give you many meanings like mend, comfort, compel and even “to help back on his feet”. Allah is Al Jabbar, the Mender. He works on the physical breaking as well as the emotional breaking happening on the inside. It’s okay to feel broken because our Allah called Himself Al Jabbar which means He knows that at some point or another we will experience so much pain and agony that we will need Him as Al Jabbar.


The problem is that when we are going through these motions and emotions, we seek other ways to make ourselves feel better. At times we seek our comfort in other people to a point where we depend on them to fix us. Yes, a person can be jaabir and remove our sadness for a little while, which is also only through Him, but Al Jabbar heals always. At any time, whenever you need Him. Shaytaan doesn’t want you to turn to Allah at this time because he knows that when a person comes to Allah broken and pleading, it is such a sincere calling as this person has realised there is nowhere else to go but to Him.

He is really the only one you can call at 2am when the sadness becomes heavy and your heart is shattered. A human being can’t fix a heart, he can’t even hold it, but Allah is holding our hearts every day. He is the Mender, of these hearts and all things and will never leave us.

Our teacher once described Al Jabbar as the One who compels you to draw closer to Him. The mending happens in the drawing closer to the only One that can heal us. There is no one that will go to Al Jabbar except that He will fill every crack and gap with His Light. So call.



“There is no solution that is as effective, as lasting, as living with Allah’s Name, Al Jabbar” – Majed Mahmoud


There were times when I thought the heart break would last forever, but the sun always rose and in the end my heart was always healed. It was Al Jabbar. Even though I didn’t know Allah was the Mender back then, He was still mending. He didn’t need me to know, He just was and is and always will be. He is everything we will ever need.


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