Becoming Haafith – Laylaa

Carriers of Qur’an – from Becoming Haafitha
October 21, 2017

Becoming Haafith – Laylaa

I begin with the Name of Allah.

Fast and slow; two ways time can pass.

Beneficial time is that which blessing has been placed in.

Weeks ago it seemed like my entire life was lived in a simple 7 days. It was a week that felt full of purity. I felt exhausted from attempting to be up in the early hours to do my Hifth work, my appetite increased with all the energy I burnt but my insides soared.

Becoming Hâfith (a memoriser of Qur’an) is not just about flying through 3 ajzaa (chapters) of back lesson and knowing it perfectly; becoming Hâfith is knowing when to take a break when things seem too overwhelming, when you feel your chest is constricted and you can’t breathe. Becoming hâfith is pushing yourself harder than necessary and refuelling when you get weak. Becoming hâfith is choosing your Qur’ân over distractions.  Becoming hâfith is when Qur’ân becomes part of your mind, choices and ultimately your guide. Becoming hâfith is turning to Allah and knowing that He is on your side.

“Swallow the sourness of this world because the aftertaste is sweet”

I remembered this quote in the week, why would Allah gift us Qur’an if it is too difficult to memorise, too difficult to retain? Too difficult to uphold the calibre a hâfith should have? Why would Allah make it difficult for us? The question is…. would He?


He didn’t. He says so in Surah Qamar. “And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” 54:17


Qur’ân is living in the veins of people who flow past us like wind, who mix within our crowds like pure water. The beauty of Qur’ân within them enters our friendships like a light that rekindles our dying spark. Qur’ân preserves them from themselves, from evil, from ingratitude, their minds are framed unimaginably. Allahu Akbar.  Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

“It’s not that you want to be different, but how can you possibly be the same?” – Shaykh Ismail Londt. He says that people of Qur’an are Regal.

Yes, Regal.

Truly understanding and having Qur’ân in your heart encourages you to put in effort, to strive, to not deprive others from goodness and to forbid evil. To give your last to someone in need, to prefer others over yourself.

Qur’ân teaches you to sacrifice your bad habits and desires in order to suit the life of clarity Qur’ân and Islam brings.

Qur’ân teaches you about the reward for those who do good.

Qur’ân is beautiful because it contains the knowledge of our Creator; The One who created you and sustains you and keeps you ALIVE. Qur’ân allows you to choose the life you want to live and the people you want to see and who you want to be.

Qur’ân is a guide, Qur’ân is a cure, and Qur’ân is a protection

Qur’ân saves you from yourself

Qur’ân is made for you, Qur’ân is a cave for you, Qur’ân is an aid for you.

Qur’ân is the word of God, Allah

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