Carriers of Qur’an – from Becoming Haafitha

Becoming Haafith – Laylaa
December 7, 2017

Carriers of Qur’an – from Becoming Haafitha

I begin with the Name of Allah,

O Carrier of Qur’an. I will introduce you to my past and present memories created by the most exquisite Word you will ever come across. These Words don’t define the amount of breaths I have taken, rather the amount of times it has and still continues to take my breath away SubhanAllah

These Words have been revealed and gifted to us by Allah The Most High, who revealed His Book Al Qur’an to our Messenger Muhammad Salutations and Blessings be upon him. I pray that my life is illuminated with his beautiful traits Ameen.

Furthermore I will enlighten you about the blessings of Qur’an in the lives of Young Believers, may Allah make us of those, Ameen.

A warm evening in March 2017, scanning my surroundings I crossed the road and approached an accident scene due to the encouragement of my mother, I looked to see if it was someone familiar. It was the decent thing to do and I was a resident of the area after all. So I stepped closer to the back of the open ambulance. My heart sped when I recognized the person inside it. I lifted my hand in a greeting gesture, her eyes registered who I was and then the paramedics blocked my view of her. I looked to the crushed bonnet of the car she had been in. The passenger seat was covered with a deflated white airbag, and the windscreen on the driver’s side had a big crack in it.

Shivers ran through my body as the lights of cars driving by alerted my senses.

I glanced over into the ambulance again, and my mind traveled back to a few weeks ago, to a memory of the same girl in the ambulance.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst waiting for my order, I instantly recognized her as my childhood friend, she had grown up, yet the same familiar face from my childhood stared back at me as I asked her “do you remember me?”

Just as Allah degreed for me to re-introduce myself to her weeks prior to the accident, so too Allah decreed that tonight I would be at the scene of the accident.

They shut the doors of the ambulance and my emotions were all over the place but I proceeded to my next stop for the evening; my neighbors house, to recite my Qur’an work.

I walked into my neighbors house and stood in the doorway relating what had just happened, the younger of the two chimed the famous words                             “Inna lillahi……”

So it began…

I sat down on the soft carpet and began reciting Surah Maryam……until verse 35 came and I understood what it meant, a chill ran through my body, my voice trembled as the sweetness of Allah’s words enveloped my unsettled  heart “When Allah decrees an affair He says……BE and it will BE”- “Kun fayakun”

My heart replayed.

Be and it will be.

BE   AND    IT     WILL      BE

Take heed, O Carrier of Qur’an

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