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Rabi al-Awwal 1439


The sparkle in his eyes

A luminous face

Brighter than a full moon

A body perfectly sculptured

The powerful voice of the greatest leader

Music to our ears

Brushing our skin with inspiration

Touching our hearts with love

Echoing into our souls with gratitude

A true gift to humanity

The smell of musk that lingers on

A medicine, A cure, A remedy

An illuminating light

A gracious role model

The best of mankind

A perfect husband and father

A wonderful friend and leader

Full of love and compassion

Ummati, Ummati

The spiritual father of us all

His beautiful character

A living Quran

His sunnah gave us clear direction and endless wisdom

The seal of the prophets

Our beloved

Nuran Ala Nur

Light upon Light

Ya Muhammed

Ya Rasullah

Ya Habiballah

Rahma-tulil Alameen


©Naahid Nakidien

Reflecting on the Light upon light Seerah Retreat 1438 / April 2017


Reflections from an attendee:  “He is more suns in the sky than you can count”

Reflections from an attendee:  “For who?”



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