13 -20: The Pursuit of Identity

The focus of this group is to:

  •  Provide young sisters with appropriate companionship
  •  Guide our youth to understanding their identity
  •  Providing an environment for our youth to uncover their potential
  • Developing their confidence and creativity, to become people of impact and truth.

Intended outcome: Awakening the untapped potential of our youth to build the foundations of a beneficial community and to impact the world with their creativity and example like never before.

The An-Nur Sisterhood started as a group of teenage girls and young twenty-somethings who just wanted to be in good company; the company of others who were also seeking. Soon, as this group grew, their hearts did too, and they knew that as they developed and became comfortable and confident within themselves, they wanted other young women to experience this too. Their mission came alive: to impact the world with their creativity, belief and actions.

Some of the past Sisterhood programmes:
The teen who knows herself, knows her Lord:
“I AM” Camps
Echoes camps
The War Within Our Hearts
Muslim Girls’ Guide to Life’s Big Changes

Building relationships, having FUN and engaging others
Friday Night Chill!
The Amazing Race
Quiz Night
Summer Drama Production

Skills Development
Calligraphy Classes
Archery for All
Leadership courses
Project Management Course

Awareness Campaigns
Hayaa Campaign
Hijab Expo
The Truth Campaign

Teens and Worship
Quran Connection
Getting to know the Companions

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