40 – 63+: The Pursuit Of Impact

For the woman who finds herself in a spiritual abyss…..longing, yearning, seeking, struggling, and desperately searching for a space, a place, a haven to guide her to Him.
Focus of this group is on:

  • Providing a space for women to connect with their Rabb
  • Understanding the purpose of her life
  •  Understanding the void, and how to fill it
  • Understanding who she is and who her Creator is

Intended outcome: Reconnecting women to their Rabb, embracing their role as abd and spreading the nur to every facet of her life.
The Light upon Light Women’s foundation has been operating as the An-Nur Book Club and An-Nur Sisterhood for 9yrs. With the aim of connecting the hearts of women like herself,founder, Roshaan Misbach, started to conduct a series of An-Nur Book Club workshops, symposiums and events to an ever-increasing audience of women.

These events focused on pertinent topics to women, such as: “Knowing Yourself, Knowing Your Lord”, “The Spiritual Role of the Mother”, “Role models” and “Women, Worship & Everyday Life”.

As a central being in the family, the effects of developing a woman in this regard has far-reaching consequences to not just herself, but her children, her spouse and the community.

Some of the past An-Nur Book Club programmes:
The woman who knows herself, knows her Lord

  • In the Early Hours
  • Way to the Quran
  • 5 Love Languages
  • Reclaim your heart
  • The True Secret
  • Psychology – An Islamic
  • Perspective
  • From my Sisters’ Lips (Book Launch)

The Spiritual Role of the Mother

  • Ummi To Be (Spiritual Pre-natal class run in conjunction with Medi-Clinic Constantia)
  • Nurturing Emaan in Children
  • Strongs Mothers, Strong Sons
  • Muslim Moms Convention – Raising Children : Deen and Dunyah

Role models

  • Women Around The Messenger ﷺ
  • The Companions (RA)
  • Children around the Prophet ﷺ

Women, Worship & Everyday Life

  • Ramadaan in Focus
  • Ramadaan : A Prescribed Emaan
  • Booster
  • Pre-Ramadaan Spiritual Retreat
  • Give meaning to your Salaah
  • Hajj Retreat
  • A Journey of the Heart – Makkah & Madinah
  • Surah Nur Quran Retreat
  • Surah Mulk Quran Workshop
  • Surah Yasin Quran Workshop
  • S.I.G.N.S Tafsir Series
  • Living the Names of Allah
  • Striving Muslimah Symoposiums
  • Ibaadur-Rahmaan: The Slaves of the All Merciful
  • Spiritual Retreat: Map Your road to Jannah.
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