7 – 12: The Pursuit Of Gratitude

The focus of this group is to:
  • Instill a sense of gratitude in our children and families
  •  Aid communities with basic necessities, and then to develop a plan to address their needs on each level
  • Engage families to become a purpose driven community
  • Integrating families in their learning environments
Intended outcome: Teaching gratitude through outreach via families and communities.

Some of the past Little Hooder programmes:
Muslim Girls' Guide to Life's Big Changes
"I AM" Camps
Friday Life skills
Archery, Calligraphy,
Outreach Programmes

LIFESKILLS: The weekly lifeskills programme has been running since inception, these little munchkins are an exceptional group, if ever there was a group who are destined to be change agents – its these girls, maashallah

MISSION MANENBERG: Mission Manenberg has burst onto the scene in December 2015. A group of moms, sisters and dads(!) have been raising funds and networking to make an impact on not just the recipients of the monthly food that they are distributing, but also to instill in their kids, and themselves, an attitude of gratitude.

RAMADAAN OUTREACH PROJECTS: Each weekend a mini project takes place, again with the intent of instilling that sense of gratitude to the kids and their families. Contact Yasmin (083 225 5014) or Nadia (061 991 7786) to find out more or to contribute to MM or the Outreach events.

FAMILY PROJECTS: Discussions have been had with the guys of MyInc, to join forces and start getting the ball rolling with the boys and dads. Exciting doors opening Alhamdulilaah. Archery and camps are on the doorstep!

Contact Shereen (082 923 8935) for more info.

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