Join us for a pre Ramadaan workshop as we focus on

Being present with Allah

Radiant Ramadaan Reminders

Finding Balance and maintaining it beyond the month

Dates: Saturdays 5th & 12th May 7:30am - 10:30am
Sundays 6th & 13th Place: Darun Naim Masjid, Castletown Road, Wynberg
Time: 7am - 9am
Cost: R 200 (total) - Register by clicking here
If you would like to join the workshop whatsapp group, please click here: LUL Workshops Whatsapp Group

Journey to Allah - Al Wadood​

"...and He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Loving" - Surah Al Buruj v 14

♡ Finding the essence of true Love
♡ Incorporating the 5 love languages

Join us for a series of workshops, as we navigate this life, by calling on the One who knows us best.

Dates: Saturdays, 14th and 21st April 2018: 4pm - 6pm
28th April: 2pm - 4pm
15, 22, 29 April 2018: 7am - 9am
Place: Darun Naim Masjid, Castletown Road, Wynberg
Time: 7am - 9am
Cost: R 200 (total) - Register by clicking here

Journey to Allah

And to Allah belongs the Best Names, So call upon Him, By Them (7:180)

وَلِلَّهِ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَىٰ فَادْعُوهُ بِهَا

Life is.....the journey from Allah to Allah. But who is Allah? How do I live His attributes on a Human level? Connect with Him because you know Him Travel to Him as you are, limping and broken Join us for a series of workshops, as we navigate this life, by calling on the One who knows us best.

Dates: Sundays, 11th, 18th, 25th March 2018
Place: Darun Naim Masjid, Castletown Road, Wynberg
Time: 7am - 9am
Presenter: Ml Roshaan Misbach
Cost: R 200
Sisters only

Way to the Quran

In reading the Qur'an, mind and body, reason and feeling lose their distinction; they become fused. As the tongue recites and words flow from the lips, the mind ponders, the heart reflects, the soul absorbs, tears well up in the eyes, the heart quakes and trembles, the skin shivers and softens just as the heart does, there no longer remains any duality between the two, even your hair may stand on end.

Can this truly be achieved for you and I?

Come and find out how by embarking on a 4 week journey to LEARNING , UNDERSTANDING AND LIVING the Quran!

Option 1:

Saturdays : 4 , 11, 18 Nov
Time: 16h30- 18h30 pm
Stegman Rd Masjid

Option 2:

Sundays : 5, 12, 19 Nov
Time: 7h00- 9h00 am
Cost: R200 (Sisters only)
Darun Naim Masjid

In the 4th week of the workshop, it will culminate in a beautiful Qiyaamul Layl session, where inshaAllah, we may be of those described in Surah Anfaal, verse 2:
"The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely .."


Reflections on spiritual and self-development

“What’s preventing me from having a closer connection with Allah?” “Why am I not content with my life?” “I want to make a change in my life but don’t know how” Come and journey through Khurram Murad’s “In the Early Hours” and discover how you can answer all these questions by strengthening your connection with Allah.

Option 1:

Saturday, 7 Oct Taronga Road Masjid Hall - Bring a friend along for free!
Time: 16h30 – 18h30
Saturdays, 14, 21, 28 Oct 2017: Al Jamia Masjid, Stegman Rd, Claremont

Option 2:

Sundays, 8 – 29 Oct 2017 Darun Naim Masjid, Wynberg
Time: 7am – 9am
Cost: R200 (Total cost for all 4 sessions)
Facilitator: Roshaan Misbach

Alhamdulilaah, our first workshop post Ramadaan is happening this Sunday inshaAllah. We are privileged to have sister, Shaykhah Umm Abdullah blessing our shores for a few more weeks.
She will be teaching us from :

The Book of Assistance by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi Haitham al-Haddad

Presented by: Presented by Shaykhah Umm Abdullah

Sundays: 2, 9, 16th July 2017
7am - 9am
Darun Naim Masjid
R200 | Members can elect as comp

Please register here:
We encourage you to bring all your sisters, mothers and daughters along to take benefit from sitting at the feet of our learned sister inshaAllah.
Contact Details:
📨 [email protected]
📱 +27 84 993 1670 | +27 61 494 6017
"There are many books in English that present Sufi doctrine, but few that can be used as practical travel guides along the Path"
Chapters in the aptly named Book of Assistance incl:
Intentions - Certainty - Reciting Quran - Inner & Outer Self - Acquiring Knowledge - Remembrance - Reflections - Repentance, Hope & Fear
For an intro to Imam al Haddad's Book of Assistance, watch here:

Seeking The Light of Muhammad ﷺ

Part 2: Returning to the Fitra -  Holistic Wellness this Ramadaan

Presented by: Dr Mujeeb Hoosen

Saturday 15 April: Intro to Tibb an-Nabawi
(Prophetic Medicine)
Healing benefits of Wudu - Hydrotherapy

Saturday 22 April
Therapeutic postures of Salaah and
Emotional Healing

Saturday 29 April:
Emotional Healing and Thikr


Time: Asr - Magrieb
Place: Al Jamia Masjid Stegman Road, Claremont
Cost: R 250pp | Couples:  R 450  (covers all 3 sessions)

This course is for males and females

The Light of Muhammad ﷺ

Implementing his Seerah ﷺ in our lives as women

Part 1: Finding your true purpose

To LEARN is to KNOW is to LOVE. We invite you to attend a series of workshops aimed at assisting women in finding their true purpose and beyond, by implementing the Nabi's ﷺ seerah in our lives, ameen.

Upcoming parts in this series:

Finding true love

Finding inner peace

The balancing act

Staying Focused

Longing for the Divine

Letting Go

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