22 – 35 years old

In their years of higher education, starting careers and starting families, this is a very dynamic period of a woman’s life.

Our intention is to engage young women to commence the next part of their lives on a strong, balanced footing. Developing their inherent qualities so that they go forward with confidence, ihsaan and creativity walking through this life with purpose as the vicegerent Allah has honoured us with.

Our workshops are developed around knowing Allah ﷻand His Attributes, and in knowing Him, we come to know ourselves. By learning about our beloved Rasool ﷺ , to love him ﷺ and to use his life as a blueprint for us to live lives of purpose and truth.

Workshops such as Lives of Man, The Book of Assistance and Good Manners of the Seeker are studies of books from the saintly scholar Imam Abdallah ibn Alawi al-Haddad. These books show us how to live, they dispel darkness and grant us true perspective. A must for young women.