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B A R A K A H drawing on Divine blessings "The numbers have become names, and the names have become those of people we love and revere" These days are unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Shaytaan wants us to panic, to become anxious, to fear death and loss, to become divided, to […]

Virtual Hajj Travelogue

Join us for this special journey: planning for the best days of the year, striving to keep the spirit of Hajj alive and reliving memories kramats • greeting • gatherings • makkah • madina • aqsa • mina • arafah • musdalifah • widaa • maintaining our Hajj

Spiritual Vaccination

Spiritual Vaccination, 31 May 2020 Lockdown for 60+ days. Ramadaan under lockdown. Uncertainty upon uncertainty. But here we are. Alhamdulillah. Not without some worries and some wounds. But “Withever difficulty there is ease” Ml Roshaan Misbach discusses using these trials as spiritual vaccinations and finding the strength to cope in our new state of 'normal'. […]