About Us

The Light upon Light Women’s foundation has been operating via the An-Nur Sisterhood and An-Nur Book Club for 9 years. With the aim of connecting hearts of sisters like herself, founder Roshaan Misbach conducted a series of workshops, symposiums and events to an ever increasing audience of women. It was aimed at the women, who like herself at the time, found themselves in a spiritual abyss…..longing, yearning, seeking, struggling, and desperately searching for a space, a place, a haven to guide her to Him. These were women that found themselves in various phases of their lives, searching for answers to unknown questions, for something against the grain to address their everyday battles. These sessions spoke directly to the issues so many women faced, and offered them a journey of their hearts. These women felt a change, a different reality, and an outlook on life that they needed to share with others. And so Light upon Light came about. A foundation aimed at addressing women’s needs across her lifespan. A foundation aimed at lighting the innate potential and qualities of women. Because a woman who can change their environments, can change the world.


  • Developing youth
  • Nurturing families
  • Building communities


  • Awaken the untapped potential of our youth to build the foundations of a beneficial community and to impact the world.
  • Develop the inherent qualities of women to nurture future generations and leave behind a legacy which continues to benefit mankind.
  • Engage families into becoming a purpose driven community. A community that combats social ills by being a proactive engaged society.


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