Light upon Light Women’s Foundation

developing youth. nurturing families. building communities.
Women are the light of our homes. By connecting the hearts of women via the bonds of sisterhood and learning the beautiful aspects of our faith together, our youth can be developed, our families will be nurtured, and the blocks of a strong community will be built.
Our mothers are the first madrassas: generations, revolutions and nations are nurtured and developed at her feet.
We believe that a woman who can change her environment, can change the world.

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Why join our family

We invite all women, from birth to old age, to join us for emotional education, spiritual

education and sisterhood across our entire lives.

0 – 7 years old

Nurturing the fitra and souls of
these little gifts from Allah start
even before conception.
We offer classes and conferences
for the future-moms, almost-moms, moms,
grannies and caregivers.

8 – 14 years old

Young girls in their pre-adolescent years have a growing sense of independence and start developing personal values. Our intention is therefore to instill a sense of gratitude via the Little Hooders life-skills programme.

15 – 21 years old

A space for teen girls and young women to be themselves with good companionship. During this stage of self-discovery, environment and friendship is everything. Currently an online space (in person gatherings will be open once it is safe to do so again)

22 – 35 years old

In their years of higher education, starting careers and starting families, this is a very dynamic period of a woman’s life.

Our intention is to engage young women to commence the next part of their lives on a strong, balanced footing. Developing their inherent qualities so that they go forward with confidence, ihsaan and creativity walking through this life with purpose as the vicegerent Allah has honoured us with.

36 – 50 years old

As a woman making her mark in whichever sphere she finds herself in, at this age is most likely juggling many things. Family, career, finances, friends, health and fitness, how does she fit in all in 24 hours? How does Islam guide her time, so that she can do it all productively?

51 – 70+ years old

For the woman who finds herself in a spiritual abyss…longing, yearning, seeking, struggling, and desperately searching for a space, a place, a haven to guide her to Him ﷻ

Join us!

We offer you a space to retreat, reflect and rejuvenate yourself by learning about yourself, our Creator, His Beloved ﷺ and this beautiful way of life.


Why Learn With Us?



Learning together engenders a sisterhood as we discover similar experiences, joys, tests, trials, feelings, LIFE. We learn together from a teacher and from each other, and this journey bonds us in a beautiful way.

Spiritual development

Our workshops are the heart of this organisation, and the niyyah behind this is purely to assist each other to walk to Him ﷻ, in His Beloved’s footsteps ﷺ, to find true ultimate success.

Connected Hearts

Our hearts need connection, to each other, to Allah ﷻ

Living your life with purpose

A culture of positivity, of growth, of finding your true self, and living your life with purpose.


What our members say

“For a long time, I felt an imbalance in my life which I initially attributed to work/life stress assuming that if I can get the ‘perfect balance’ I would be realigned again. It was not until I joined the workshops that I realized my focus was ill-placed. Allah SWT guided me to these classes to stimulate beneficial change in my life, where the adoption of these tangible practices was necessary.”

Nabeelah Wise

We as women need to make time to learn and empower ourselves. I joined the Lives of Man & Book of Assistance classes in January after the death of my Dad. It was the best thing Allah could have allowed me to be a part of, Alhamdulillah. My life has been enriched in so many ways; each day I look forward to the Divine messages & gifts that come my way because of my high opinion of my Rabb. Allah says: ‘I am to my slave what he/ she thinks of me’.

Zeenat Parker

Join the family!

A space to retreat, reflect and rejuvenate your soul and mind

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