36 – 50 years old

As a woman making her mark in whichever sphere she finds herself in, at this stage in her life is most likely juggling many things. Family, career, finances, friends, health and fitness, how does she fit in all in 24 hours ? How does Islam guide her time, so that she can do it all productively?

The focus is on:

  • Daily spiritual productive habits
  • Striking the balance between Deen and Dunyah
  • Mentoring the younger muslimah

Our niyyah is to provide the tools for a productive Muslimah fulfilling her role in society using Quran and Sunnah.

Our workshops and conferences are aimed at this. These online and face to face gatherings provide a space for our sisters where we can have time to reflect, to retreat and connect with our Rabb, along with a sisterhood going through similar day to day experiences.