Book of Assistance

This book and consequently, these workshops, will find a place of resonance for everyone, whether just starting our journey to Allah, or to the deeper and more established traveller. It is a practical travel guide along the Path. This book of devotions, prayers and practical ethics will be invaluable to all who love the Prophet and his way.

Chapters include:

Intentions • Certainty • Reciting Quran • Inner & Outer Self Acquiring Knowledge • Remembrance • Reflections • Repentance • Hope & Fear etc

The author of this book, Imam Abdullah ibn ‘Alawi Al-Haddad’s lineage is traced back to the Prophet ﷺ. His illustrious ancestors, had for centuries produced generation after generation of great scholars, gnostics, and summoners to the Straight Path. Imam al-Haddad’s writings are mostly concerned with establishing within his readers the firmest possible foundations for faith and certainty.


Ml Kouthar Karriem, Ml Roshaan Misbach

Live classes:

Saturdays, after Asr