Strong fathers, Strong Mothers, Strong Ummah Conference

“O, our Rabb, grant us from our spouses and offspring the coolness of eyes and make us leaders of those with taqwa”

P R O G R A M M E:

Day 1

  • Strong marriages, strong homes: Sakinah Foundation – Ml Muaadth Allie
  • Strong fathers, Strong Daughters: The role of the dad – Haafidh Hoosain Seria
  • “Umm” in Ummah:  Qamar Institute – Haafidha Fadwa Solomon
  • Strong mothers, Strong sons: MJC Women’s Forum – Sr Khadija Patel Allie

Day 2

  • Through the eyes of a child:  Mizan Institute – Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
  • Learning to love the beloved of Allah:   Dar al-Turath al Islami – Ml Abdurragmaan Khan
  • Where are my brothers & sisters?: Discover Islam Centre – Ml Irshaad Sedick
  • The Light within: Zahraa Institute – Haafidha Radia Bawa Hendricks
  • If I’m okay, everyone else will be too: Light upon Light WF – Sr Roshaan Misbach
  • Raising strong boys as strong role models: MY Inc – Haafidh Achmat Solomon