Lives of Man

A Guide to the Human States – Before Life, in the World and After Death

Imam al-Haddad explains that every human being passes through several lives. A complete Muslim must be aware of each of these if he is to be sufficiently prepared for eternal life.

Join us in this effort to prepare for the eternal life, the everlasting and true abode. This workshop will journey through the division of human life into five stages:

  1. before conception
  2. life in the world
  3. life in the grave
  4. the resurrection,
  5. and heaven or hell

Imam al-Haddad uses extensive Quranic and Hadith references to explain the condition of the soul at each stage.

Teachers: Ml Kouthar Karriem, Ml Roshaan Misbach
Live classes: Sundays, 7am – 9am