What We Do


Our mission is to be in the service of:

developing youth. nurturing families. building communities.


We believe that by educating, developing and connecting the hearts of women, we can make the changes to our world. We believe that by igniting our own light within us, we can spread light to the rest of humanity, ameen.

Some of our active programs are:

Developing youth: Youth Mentorship Program

This is a training program designed by older women in our foundation (>30 years old) to develop and nurture the talents and confidence of our young, creative, strong young women. These young women (15 – 29 years old), then develop to be the mentors and role models for our even younger sisters ( 7 – 14 years old). This system of continuous mentoring and sisterhood is at the core of our foundation. See YMP for more details.

Nurturing families: Spiritual and Self Development Workshops

Women are the light of our homes, and by educating, changing, nurturing and connecting the hearts of women, our families in turn can be nurtured. Our mothers are the first madrassas: generations, revolutions and nations are nurtured and developed at her feet. We believe that a woman who can change her environment, can change the world. See Events/Workshops for more detail

Building communities: Mission Manenberg

Mission Manenberg was borne from our Outreach Program where we wanted to instil a sense of gratitude in our youth and encourage families to be builders of our communities. Giving makes us happy, click over here to see why – Mission Manenberg (to this new tab: details below)

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